Chord Forge for iPad


A powerful tool for chord progressions

Expand your horizons beyond the major and minor scales. Build your songs from a selection of over twenty chords that work together.

A fun and intuitive interface

Forget music theory and immerse yourself in the music. It's almost like playing an instrument, but easier and more visual.

Store and play back your ideas

Write down and build up your ideas into chord progression phrases. Playing phrases is as fun as coming up with them. With a fresh board for each idea, never forget your masterpiece again!

Tap into new sounds using MIDI

Chord Forge supports MIDI output for a variety of sound libraries from the entire selection of iOS synth apps, including GarageBand.


What should I select as the MIDI output? How do I get MIDI to GarageBand?

Select "Broadcast MIDI" to send MIDI to apps that don't listen on a particular virtual port. If the app you are targeting does not have a selection for virtual MIDI input, it is probably one of these apps. GarageBand is one of these, so use this setting for it. If a MIDI target app supports a virtual MIDI input, it will be shown on the list by its name.

How do I rearrange rows on the chord progression area and/or delete them quickly?

Swipe left on a row and you will get controls for this purpose.